What I can do

Just don't call me Jack.

Art Direction

A finely-honed sense of art direction developed over 9 years of trying things that didn't look quite right at first, and then figuring out how to make them better.

Filming & Photography

Learned the basics at school. Can pick up a DSLR (heck, even an iPhone) camera and shoot photos or video in a pinch - and do a "not bad" job of it.

Video Editing & Animation

When you do a thing often enough, you inevitably get better. Edit a video for client? No sweat. Create animations from scratch? You got it.


Art direction & design come together like a horse and carriage - you can't have one without the other. And if you do, you're doing it wrong.


Trained by the finest minds at Miami Ad School, I'm able to pull ideas out of thin air! Almost like magic, ne?


Started young and never stopped. It's turned into a lifelong skill that I enjoy using, as a hobby or (in those special instances) for client work.

The basics

Art Director. Son. Brother. Healthy keto. Anime. K-pop/J-pop. K-dramas. Gamer. Fantasy & Sci-fi. Techie. Movie collector. Japan. Cats. Mars.

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A little more?

Quintessential Pisces. Creative, intuitive, prone to strong gut reactions. Logical to a fault. Passionate about work. Allergic to missed deadlines.

Graduated with an economics degree, but after a few adventures along the way, changed tracks. After Miami Ad School, I've been working as an art director for over 9 years. Was it the right choice? Absolutely. Am I the right choice for your company? I think you know my answer to that.

Work Experience

Jr. > Sr. AD

VMLYR / Redfuse 2013-Present

Digital AD

Casio / Freelance 2012-2013

Creative Intern

Draftfcb 2012

Sr. AE

Global Hue 2010

Jr. > Sr. AE

Casanova // McCann 2006-2010

U.S. Army Specialist

Sig. | P. A. 2003-2009


Miami Ad School

Art Direction 2010-2012

Drew University

B.A. Economics 1998-2002

How I can say it

Sorry, still working on my Klingon.





What others say

Stop, you'll make me blush...


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