My current watch list

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Television; SciFi Stargate Atlantis

An older series - a spin-off of Stargate SG-1 - that I recently bought on sale on iTunes. Originally aired on the SciFi channel, it's's a 5 seasons long space romp.

Recommended for anyone that enjoys SciFi and wants to watch some interesting storytelling paired with adventure/action in another galaxy.

Service: iTunes

Type: Purchase

Television; Animation ExoSquad

Another oldie (nostalgia month!). This series was unique for its time in that it was structured as a continous narrative vs just episodic (common of cartoons back then). It focused on humanity's war against their genetic engineered creations, the Neosapiens.

Recommended for anyone that likes anime and SciFi space operas. The animation quality is dated, but this is probably the closest equivalent to an American anime that I've ever seen.

Service: Peacock

Type: Streaming

Movie; SciFi The Matrix Resurrections

The 4th installment in the series. Borrows heavily from the original to try and play up the nostalgia, but ultimately, it fails as a good narrative in my opinion. This movie almost negates the premises of the original in many ways, and adds unnecessary elements for no apparent reason or payoff.

It's watchable - but I don't see myself wanting to own, or watch this again.

Service: HBOMax

Type: Streaming

Television; Kdrama Pop Out Boy!

Based on a web toon, this Korean drama is about a manga character that materializes into the real world. While the premise is not new - it does have quite a bit of charm going for it. Couple that with likeable actors and a fairly short time/episode count, it's a nice series to pick up and watch.

Featues Kim Do Yeon from Weki Meki as the main female lead

Service: Rakuten Viki

Type: Streaming